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Co-operative Album for Laura Sheeran

Everyone with a few pennies to spare in these hard times should consider sharing said pennies with Laura Sheeran, helping to create her new album. Here’s what she had to say about it:

Hello dear friends! My debut double album “Lust of Pig and the Fresh Blood” has been in development for almost 4 years now and is ready for final mixing, mastering and pressing. By making a pledge you can help this happen. You will also have an opportunity to get exclusive access to a wide variety of irresistible extras (check out that list – there’s some interesting stuff there!), as well as receiving a free download of the double album on release so that you can listen to it while you wait for hard copy goods to arrive in the post… With your valued support providing the final push, the double album will be released in September on CD, vinyl and as a digital download. So if you like what you’ve heard of my material so far, take the pledge – help me give birth to this baby! A percentage of all pledges will be donated to De Paul Ireland, a totally worthwhile and necessary organisation that has been making a big difference to the lives of many.

Pledge your money here!

Trent Reznor talking about free music

I’ve always had mixed feelings about Trent Reznor’s releases since he’s dived headlong into releasing free music, and he himself has had mixed results (see his open letter response to the ‘Niggy Tardust’ release on his blog, for example) but you cannot deny he’s serious about setting standards and making an impact.

While you’re here, go grab his latest release ‘How to destroy angels‘. As you can guess, yes it’s free….