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Free gifts from ItalTek. Atom River

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ItalTek, in my opinion, is not only a great producer, but also embraces the idea that free music and paid music can live side by side without great stress. In testament to that (If you don’t already know his amazing Net-Lab releases), here is the new homepage for his self-publishing label AtomRiver, featuring a free download of Lightning Fields as well as links to buy the physical and MP3 releases (below).

So show your support for the Emo Junglist!

ItalTek MySpace
ItalTek on BoomKat
ItalTek on Bleep


I met Polaroid Android in the CRK squat, Wroc?aw in 2008 while touring around with Tupolew (featuring members of Gestammelorchester as featured on OPN006 Primer 02), where he and the other residents cooked for and entertained us. Mid-conversation, he dragged me into his studio, turned up the bass-end and played me Polaroid Anroid, from start to finish. I was very very drunk on dodgy yellow Polish vodka and nodded my way through the whole thing, pretty assured that I was having a good time with Hubert, the friendliest, jolliest anti-fascist punk I’ve met. Groggy the next morning, we set off towards the next venue and somehow I found ‘Husbands’ (an early demo of M??owie) and ‘Definicje’ on my iPod. I listened to it over and over and over…

This album is for people who like Company Flow, Cannibal Ox, D-Styles, Public Enemy or even PIL. Highlights include Kocham Wielkiego Brata, Wolno?? S?owa and, my favourite, Mezowie; a track about domestic violence. I don’t know what it is about this tune, but, even though I can’t understand a word, I absolutely believes that she means it. And that’s dope.

8 tracks of dark-as-fuck hip-hop about nasty things in the world that need to be put right.


Because of the complexities of organising a release on 3 labels simultaneously, plus the added complexities of one of those labels being a free label and not forgetting Open Music’s wish to not negatively affect the possibility of Polaroid Android, Anteny Krzyku & Qulturap losing lots of money, OPN010 – Polaroid Android – Definicje will stay in the ‘Coming Soon’ for now. Show your appreciation for Polaroid Android now by leaving a comment and we’ll make a big song and dance when it drops!

Artist’s Profile
Qulturap Label
Anteny Krzyku Label

Noise Pollution

I love John Cohen. His eponymous release on Net-Lab is awesome and this one is even better… I love his music so much, that I couldn’t think of a single thing to say about this release that didn’t sound massively biased (we’re in Dead Fader together) or just plain sycophantic. So instead, I pasted (below) a badly translated paragraph from a review by French musician and writer Stephane Obadia [aka Nudist with Laptop (Wrong Music) and Rob Steady (Net-Lab) – if you fancy your french, the full review is linked below.

Click here to reveal.

Full Review by Stephane Obadia (French Language)
Obadia MySpace


From the Skull Disco / Slaughter Mob / Ital Tek corner of the dubstep universe comes this slice of crisp sheen crafting bass. From the traditional sounds spawns a heavy sub-bass complemented by scratchy percussion and eerie effects. A familar vibe of ancient Tokyo meets the mean streets of deepest East London, as gongs clang, and bass warbles. The tone is the academic coldness of IDM and MAX/MSP explorations meets Dubstep’s driving womping animalness, perfectly captured in Growler & Bruiser. I think potentially Ireland’s future contender for a spot held long by Barry Boxcutter Lynn as Ireland’s leading dubstep talent.