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Piratio track in Nute Records mix

Putetiden -II- by nuterecords

Our own Piratio features in this rather good promo mix for Nute Records.Originally started as an LP offshoot of the, now defunkt, Trensmat Records – Nute continues to release quality psyche-electronic CDs by artists such as Whirling Hall Of Knives and also sporadically transmit some amazing mix-shows under the c60 podcast moniker.

C60-005 – previous c60′s are archived on www.nuterecords.com


01 The Horror Factory – Intro
02 Shaolin Wooden Men – Brother Ray (On The Radio, Joe!)
03 Silo – Those Adopted By People
04 Whirlywirld – Window To The World
05 Telex – Pakmoväst
06 The Cosmic Nanou – The Miraculous Intervention
07 Thomas Dinger – Ballgeflüster
08 World Of Skin – Breathing Water
09 All About Eve – Some Finer Day
10 Suicide – New City
11 Piratio – Boil Into UV
12 Children Under Hoof – Tactical Assault 2
13 Thread Pulls – Cycle Path
14 Ollie Olsen – 00:09:26
15 Tones On Tail – Rain

Co-operative Album for Laura Sheeran

Everyone with a few pennies to spare in these hard times should consider sharing said pennies with Laura Sheeran, helping to create her new album. Here’s what she had to say about it:

Hello dear friends! My debut double album “Lust of Pig and the Fresh Blood” has been in development for almost 4 years now and is ready for final mixing, mastering and pressing. By making a pledge you can help this happen. You will also have an opportunity to get exclusive access to a wide variety of irresistible extras (check out that list – there’s some interesting stuff there!), as well as receiving a free download of the double album on release so that you can listen to it while you wait for hard copy goods to arrive in the post… With your valued support providing the final push, the double album will be released in September on CD, vinyl and as a digital download. So if you like what you’ve heard of my material so far, take the pledge – help me give birth to this baby! A percentage of all pledges will be donated to De Paul Ireland, a totally worthwhile and necessary organisation that has been making a big difference to the lives of many.

Pledge your money here!

The Hideous Penguin interviewed in Analogue

..and Open Music gets a shout-out! Cheers Jimmy!
Previously you’ve released music through the Jamendo webspace but recently you joined the Open Music Net Label, do you hope to gain a little more exposure from working with them?

Net-labels are good for hearing great music you never would have heard before, for free. If you listen to the open music compilation ‘Primer Vol.1’, you will hear a wide variety of quality music by people who probably would have never appeared on a compilation together otherwise. Discovering new people who are on a similar wavelength, that’s the idea I like most about being involved with Open Music I suppose.

Read the whole interview
Jimmy The Hideous Penguin’s MySpace

[ACP032] Ex-Relics, New Release from The Last Sound

While uncovering a series of increasingly exquisite relics, the mouth of an enormous ancient well is discovered, barely visible at first through the dense vegetation. Peering down, the shaft begins to rotate slowly and far below a collection of unidentified stones create a constantly shifting display of coloured patterns on its mirrored walls. The chiming jewels seem to sing as they are turned over and the temptation to descend to the bottom is too great to resist. Once the floor is reached the opening above is sealed shut – and there you remain.


From the Skull Disco / Slaughter Mob / Ital Tek corner of the dubstep universe comes this slice of crisp sheen crafting bass. From the traditional sounds spawns a heavy sub-bass complemented by scratchy percussion and eerie effects. A familar vibe of ancient Tokyo meets the mean streets of deepest East London, as gongs clang, and bass warbles. The tone is the academic coldness of IDM and MAX/MSP explorations meets Dubstep’s driving womping animalness, perfectly captured in Growler & Bruiser. I think potentially Ireland’s future contender for a spot held long by Barry Boxcutter Lynn as Ireland’s leading dubstep talent.