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[ACP032] Ex-Relics, New Release from The Last Sound

While uncovering a series of increasingly exquisite relics, the mouth of an enormous ancient well is discovered, barely visible at first through the dense vegetation. Peering down, the shaft begins to rotate slowly and far below a collection of unidentified stones create a constantly shifting display of coloured patterns on its mirrored walls. The chiming jewels seem to sing as they are turned over and the temptation to descend to the bottom is too great to resist. Once the floor is reached the opening above is sealed shut – and there you remain.


I first came across The Last Sound when he stayed on my couch back in Ireland a few years back. I have to admit that, at first, I didn’t really appreciate his sound. All that changed when Frieze arrived in my inbox. A huge departure from mere electronica, this release is serious music and displays an earnest exploration of texture, arrangement and production. I rate Fades as one of my all time favourites and I’m delighted that this is amongst the first batch of releases on Open Music. Check it out.

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