SteveD at Kultur-able Berlin, 06.09

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Für unsere Freunde in Berlin, Check out Open Music’s SteveD playing live at Kultur-able}. Sunday June 11th, 20.00
Details hier.

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A whole bunch of new!

Welcome again for another exciting time at Open Music. This months releases are pretty shit hot. Hip Hop, Wonky, NoiseBass, Collage and other misc noises, plus the next instalation of the Primer series drops yummy beats from all our current releases plus some bonus extras…

++ New Releases ++

Various Artists – OPN006 Primer 02

Piratio’ – OPN007 User Illusions II

John Cohen – OPN008 Noise Pollution

Lorn – OPN009 7&13 EP

Polaroid Android – OPN010 Definicje

Have pity on this Mechanical Mariner – OPN011 Part One.

Goblin Glasses – OPN012 Mothership ’88

++ Coming Soon ++

New releases from Armand Tansarian, Jimmy the Hideous Penguin Boy, another Primer compilation and more… Thanks for visiting our cool little site and we hope you come back soon.

The Open Music team.

User Illusions II

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Artist’s Profile

The Hideous Penguin interviewed in Analogue

..and Open Music gets a shout-out! Cheers Jimmy!
Previously you’ve released music through the Jamendo webspace but recently you joined the Open Music Net Label, do you hope to gain a little more exposure from working with them?

Net-labels are good for hearing great music you never would have heard before, for free. If you listen to the open music compilation ‘Primer Vol.1’, you will hear a wide variety of quality music by people who probably would have never appeared on a compilation together otherwise. Discovering new people who are on a similar wavelength, that’s the idea I like most about being involved with Open Music I suppose.

Read the whole interview
Jimmy The Hideous Penguin’s MySpace