Music for the Deep Woods


Laura’s music can be dark and a bit scary in places but live she has a wonderfully fun approach to her music. She’s like an episode of Twin Peaks in female form.

-Aoife Barry (Nialler9 Blog)

I have been chasing Laura Sheeran to give me a release for Open for literally 3 years (beginning in my Net-Lab days). I heard her sing only once in person, for about 60 seconds, and I’ve been affected by it ever since.

Be it her solo work, which runs the spectrum from naively sexual and gentle (in a playing outside in the summer kind of way) to immensely dark and tortured (Trapped Under Ice opens with the lyrics ‘There’s panic in the atmosphere. My heart beats so fast, I cut through my tongue in fear…‘), or her contributions with Fovea Hex, one cannot help but be blown away by the sheer (no pun intended) emotional weight of her output -where she waves her fingers, or quivers her lip, beautiful music gushes forth in dischordant waves of distress and comfort.

And luckily for us, this release is no different. Featuring contributions from members of Fovea Hex and Nurse with Wound (we can’t believe it either!), plus some veterans of the Irish noise and outsider folk scenes, this is an all-too brief glimpse at amazing natural talent reaching upwards.

Lupine Rot (Aoibheann/Sheeran)

  • Emily Aoibheann (Cixous Ghost) – lyrics
  • Marc Aubele (pig) – vocals/guitar/noise
  • Adrian Crowley – vocals
  • Laura Sheeran – vocals/programming/lyrics

Under the Ice (Coutelier/Sheeran/Aoibheann)

  • Emily Aoibheann – lyrics
  • Alexandre Coutelier (++-++¢++¦¦) – beats/synth
  • Colin Potter (nurse with wound) – sounds of hysteria
  • Marc Aubele – guitar
  • Laura Sheeran – saw/vocals/rhodes/kaoss/lyrics

Suspension Belt (Sheeran)

  • Marc Aubele – abstract alien conversation-like noise
  • Laura Sheeran – piano/wobbly vinyl/programming

Ag Chuimniú (SWALL)

  • Michael Begg (fovea hex/human greed) – ambient soundscape
  • Saoirse Wall (SWALL) – lyrics/songwriter
  • Laura Sheeran – guitar/vocals/synth

Rain Song (Sheeran)

  • Tchaikovsky – ambient soundscape
  • Brian Conniffe – treated thunder
  • Marc Aubele – more treated thunder!
  • Clodagh Simonds (Fovea Hex) – voice
  • Laura Sheeran – voice

All Songs
Arranged by Laura Sheeran
Produced by Sheeran/Aubele
Mixed by Marc Aubele
Mastered by Kevin White

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