Have pity on this Mechanical Mariner (Part One.)

The central message of Dada is the realization that reason and anti-reason, sense and nonsense, design and chance, consciousness and unconsciousness, belong together as necessary parts of a whole; a virgin microbe which penetrates with the insistence of air into all those spaces that reason has failed to fill with words and conventions and zimzim urallala zimzim urallala zimzim zanzibar zimzalla zam;

– Dennis Highberger, Mayor of the City of Lawrence, Kansas USA

Plus! There is a special bonus track from Mechanical Mariner, “Mekta Kita” on OPN006 Primer 02!

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Have pity on this Mechanical Mariner on OPN006 Primer 02

7 thoughts on “Have pity on this Mechanical Mariner (Part One.)”

  1. Thank you so much! Now I can get to work haha. I’ll take up your email and I will contact you if I need some help with music (I can already say that my work won’t last for 11 minutes…) and at the latest when the work is somewhat ready. Thanks again!

  2. Hello, I’m planning about an animation, which will be showed in a free-entry exhibition. I would be honored if I could get your permission to use your music in it (I have been thinking about “Mekta Kita” but of course due to my short dead-line and length of your piece I’d have to cut only some parts or only some certain spot). So, how does this sound to you?

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