In the quest to find new music for Open Music, I often just cruise MySpace looking for artists that I can approach. Often, I don’t really pay attention to what’s on the page. It sometimes goes ‘Load,,, tune,,, skip,,, tune,,, skip… ah!!!!’… and so on. So, having never heard of Lorn before [and I like to think of myself as a bit of a chin-stroker] I thought.. “Cool… Savage beats from the US for Open… People will love this”. I put up a little status update saying ‘New Lorn release on Open’ and then the emails started to arrive… Lots of them. It seems that he is already loved, worldwide, and I was just behind the times…

7&13 is less an EP, and more a beat tape teaser, for something really special to come.

Salad Toss (the preview) is a beast and Lorn rules – End of story.

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Edie [Lorn Side-Project]
Omega Clash [Lorn Side-Project]

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  3. Lorn is dope- very exciting to see this kinda music emerging and is become my top choice of music when referencing ideas for future ideas in suburban dark. cheers- please check out our page for more galatic beats and what not.

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